Dear family and friends: Christmas 2007  
A blessed holiday season to all from the “just-right-size” Gruenbaum house! The blessings abounded, and elusive was the time to appreciate them all!! We hope 2007 has been a good year for you as well.

We have had a few changes occur this year. The kids all now attend Delaware Christian (last year we had 2 different schools). Our foster daughter, Samantha, left us in May (we have had other kids visit for a few days, but no long term placements), and we had our driveway paved so the snow will more easily be vanquished.

A few things haven’t changed much. Judy is still at Chase, but was promoted to senior vice president earlier this year. Andy is still peddling Signs on the internet. All of the kids are one year older and 6 years from now we will have a college student who better want to study something beside video games.

Our trip this year was a biggie — we went to South Dakota. We visited the Corn Palace, the Badlands, the Black Hills and the length of South Dakota along with Judy’s parents and sister’s family. Along the way, we went to the family reunion of Judy’s mother (temperature of 104 degrees). We saw Wall Drug and a few buffaloes at Custer Park. We also went to Orlando over spring break. Andy flew down while Judy and Grandma Jean drove with the kids.

The boys are definitely pre-teens in age and attitude. They have their moments of liking their sisters, and other moments where they are less than fond of them. They play RuneScape on-line, and they do jobs for Dad to earn PayPal money to support their occasional ebay purchases. Both boys are playing basketball this fall, and Jeffy traded in his violin and taken up the trombone. With Timmy on trumpet, we are well on our way to having a brass band. All the kids are very big fans of the Food Network.

Both girls played soccer for the first time this fall. Although they don’t officially keep score, Abby’s team won all of their games, and Rachel’s team also had a very good showing. Although all of the kids are disciplined about doing their homework, Abby is so BIG about getting hers done. Rachel loves the whole reading process, and she is very enthusiastic about life. Everyone is still taking piano lessons as well.

Judy and I can’t believe the years are flying by….. And, to take a little time for ourselves, the two of us went a on a cruise the week before Thanksgiving. (Grandma Jean survived the kids.) Some engine problems caused our Key West stop to be cancelled, but we still had a quick tour and swam at Cozumel. Andy bought equipment to start a customized ribbon business this year. He and Judy hope to develop this into something they can do together. Although Judy’s hobbies have suffered over the last couple of years, she has resurrected scrap booking and does it on-line–Shutterfly– the online resource that prints your final creation for you.

We hope that each of you will find true peace and joy this season – the kind that only comes from personally knowing He who was born in a manger 2000 years ago.  Blessings to you in the coming year!


Andy, Judy, Timmy, Jeffy, Abby, & Rachel

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