Merry Christmas for the 10th time from Texas.  Yes, it is really true!  We have been here that long.  We still remember what a real winter can feel like, but we have grown a little soft.  While we have given up our tolerance of cold, we continue to be thankful for TexMex and our backyard swimming pool.  The invitation continues to be extended for any who would like to visit.

Our nest wasn’t empty very long. This year’s hatchlings are our exchange students.  Gustavo (17) is from Brazil, and his “brother” Norayr (15) is from Armenia.  They are good boys and fun to be around. They attend a local high school with Norayr playing soccer. They will be with us until June.

Rachel graduated from high school in May.  We were again grateful to be able to celebrate Rachel’s accomplishment with family and friends. This fall, Rachel started at Texas A&M. Presently, her intended major is biomedical engineering.  Abby is a sophomore at Baylor and continues working on her nutrition sciences degree. (FYI-College Station is about twice as far away as Waco.) She has a “friend” at UT in Austin and finds time to visit him when her schedule permits. Both girls had the “pleasure” to work together at Chick-Fil-A during the summer. We are especially proud of their desire to be involved in a local church and small group while away at college.

After Jeff received his college degree last December, he and Andy took a Bachelor (of Science) cruise to Cuba in January to celebrate. Jeff started full-time at Paycom in Oklahoma City as a computer analyst upon their return.  He has already had a promotion, and he is enjoying it.  He enjoys indoor rock climbing and is teaching a young adult class at church in his spare time.  Tim has hung up his apron and decided to leave cooking for dinner time.  Tim now works for a company that does restoration work.  He enjoys the hard work and the opportunity to learn new things.  He and his girlfriend, Madison, continue to enjoy their dogs and their time together.

Judy and Andy find themselves standing on their tiptoes more frequently, looking into the future.  Judy continues to love her job at USAA and travels to San Antonio often.  In the spring, she had foot surgery and enjoyed her recovery time at home.  Andy has been busier than his schedule reveals.  With his website and sign business nearly forgotten, Andy and a couple of partners have purchased land in Ada, OK.  They are planning on opening a carwash.  They expect to break ground in the new year;  next year should be busy as this project goes into full gear.

We’ve had a chance to do a bit of traveling.  For spring break, the girls, Judy and Andy made it to New York City.  We did all of the ordinary things including seeing, “The Lion King” on Broadway.  We spent the 4th of July with Jeff in Oklahoma City.  He showed us his mastery of the grill and the instant pot. With the girls at school and the exchange twins at another home, Judy and Andy went on an 11-day cruise of the eastern Caribbean.  We had many adventures and too much good food.  We plan to see family in Ohio and North Carolina over the Christmas holidays.

As the world gets crazier, we are so thankful for our Savior. We encourage you to visit Him, too!!

All the best for a great year.


Andy, Judy, Tim, Jeff, Abby, Rachel, Gustavo, and Norayr