Andy Gruenbaum: The Academic Side

Starting in the Fall of 1997, I began an MBA program at Franklin University. It has been a challenge balancing all aspects of a busy family life, but I truly believe the experience has better prepared me for opportunities I will be encountering in the rapidly changing work environment.  Besides that, I REALLY enjoy spending my weekends doing nothing but homework.

The program places special attention on the group interaction necessary to complete projects.  This process has given me great insight into how I can use my skills to successfully contribute to any team that I am a part of.



Fall 1997

MBA 601-Management Skills Portfolio

Viewable Assignments

MBA 621-Financial Management

Viewable Assignments

Winter 1998

MBA 604-Organizational Dynamics

Viewable Assignments

MBA 623-Marketing Management

Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation, and Control, 9th Edition, by Philip KotlerText

  • Numerous handouts providing by the instructor.

Viewable Assignments

 Summer 1998

MBA 682-Information Technology In A Global Environment

  • Their was no text for this class.  There were extensive handouts selected and circulated by the instructor.  Often 3 or 4 per week.
  • The reading and discussing of case studies was also an important part of the class.

Viewable Assignments

MBA 603-Business Strategy

Viewable Assignments

Fall 1998

MBA 628-Improving Organizational Performance


  • Application Paper
  • Book Critique
  • Group Project:  The final group project was a presentation on the improvement of a process at one of our companies.

MBA 663-International Business


  • Book Review and Bibliography
  • Country Analysis and Bibliography
  • Group Project: An interactive game was written for the computer.  The purpose of the game was to provide a framework for all classes that followed us.  The game used an Access database and Visual Basic front end.

Winter 1999

MBA 681-Project Management


  • None Available

MBA 680-New Product Development


  • None Available

Summer 1999

642-Influencing Organizational Change


MBA 653-Integrated Learning Experience (Capstone)

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