• Keeping my children as a top priority
  • Continued commitment to an exercise program
  • Balancing of daily work load
  • Mentoring my intern so a thorough knowledge of internet skills are developed







Staying current on internet information I will regularly read 4 trade journals, attend a minimum of one conference per year, and test one new piece of software per week 3 years I remain fully conversational in web technologies and techniques with my peers. I will continue to be my company’s primary web resource.
Successful leading of a small group I will continue to lead the Web Core team, make the meetings more interesting, and encourage involvement of a wider range of individuals. 1 year The group has 10 or more regular attendees.
Empowering of intranet developers within my company Provide education and guidance to departmental employees to enable them to maintain intranet sites within their own departments. 1 year At least 5 new departmental webmasters exist, each functioning with little or no supervision in an environment where 80% of all the information on the web is dynamically driven.
Developing business contacts for consulting business I will develop a network of business contacts which will facilitate the start-up of a part-time internet consulting business. 2 years I will spend fifteen hours per week generating income from internet consulting.
Continue to increase my understanding of the financial markets I will fully research and understand various stocks and provide this information to members of the investment club to which I belong. I will do this at least six times over the next year. 1 year Based on my presentation of a stock to the investment club, three of the six stocks I present to the group will be voted on for purchase.
Maintaining happiness in my marriage At least twice a month, I will spend two evenings with my wife engaging in leisure activities. 3 years Besides still being married, my wife will without hesitation say, “I would go through the last 3 years all over again.”
Greater attention to detail When I write a web application, I will document my methodology and my code. Although this may seem to be an unnecessary tasks, it is needed to allow the web applications and the logic I develop to be understood by others. 1 year At my annual review next year, my supervisor will recognize the improvements I have made in detailing my work. He will be able to reference recent projects and see the supporting documentation I have developed

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