Waffle House With Abby

As Abby wanted to escape from the house today and as we were going to be out anyways dropping her sister off at school for an adventure at TCU with math, we decided to go to “The Waffle House”.  Our expectations were not very high, so a good experience was almost guaranteed!

As we walked up to the entrance, the windows were covered in valentines and related cheerful things.  (It was 1/31, so Valentines was only two weeks away.)  The cheer continued when we walked in the door.  We were greeted by no fewer than 3 (maybe 5) people as we were instructed to pick out a table (all of the tables were really only 2 people booths.  Bigger parties had to sit at the counter, so good thing mom didn’t come!)

The menu was laminated and awaiting us at the table.  It distracted us with “big” breakfasts, but eventually we were able to focus on the waffle related items on the left corner.  When the waitress arrived, she told me, “I have only worked here 3 months, but I have drank their coffee for 15 years.”, so I got coffee.  When the drinks arrived (Abby got water.  The waitress brought me milk for my coffee.), we knew we were going to get separate orders of regular waffles and peanut butter waffles, but we were undecided on getting a side.  A little encouragement from the waitress, and we had ordered a large order of hash browns to split.  The jalapenos and onions just demanded to be included!

While we waited for the food to arrive, we had very pleasant conversation.  We chatted about school, about our mission trip this coming summer, about what we should do for dinner since mom was taking our exchange students to see the symphony (I needed to pick up #2 daughter from math fun.), and we talked about how the older you get the easier it is to realize people are allowed to be who they need to be NOT who you think they should be.

When the waffles and hash browns arrived, we were not disappointed.  After conducting separate surgeries on our respective waffles, we exchanged half of the contents of our waffle plates.  The peanut butter waffles appeared to be “regular” waffles with peanut butter chips sprinkled on the top.  (The honey syrup was an excellent recommendation here.)  We both enjoyed them.  The regular waffles were also good.  (Since we have a Belgian waffle maker at home, I am SO used to see the big syrup catchers.  The little bitty catchers were something I hadn’t see in a while.  They kept the waffles from being to thick, and the waffles didn’t get super crisp.)  The hash browns were better than both Abby and I expected.  Although the sliced jalapenos scared her a little, she did try one.  The second try (the first one was eaten plain and with no ketchup.) she didn’t eat it alone.  It was a much better experience, and although she still let me eat most of them, she seemed to enjoy the hash browns, too.

We both agreed we would order the same thing again.  For $10, it was a very nice experience for a daddy and daughter to experience together.  (The cashier had a little trouble making change, but it was not my waitresses fault.)  If mom would have been there, it would have been a little nicer.  But, it was nice to just let Abby talk and discuss her plans for the day, the rest of the school year and the summer.  Next time, it will either be just me with her sister OR all 3 of us may go.  It helps when the meal is at a unique diner-style venue, but sitting across a table from my girls with a glass of water would be pretty special, too.

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