I am thrilled anyone wants to read this blog.  However, if you don’t, I am completely fine with that, too.  This “project” is part of my therapy or maybe it is best described as part of my history.  I will share some event with one of my children (or sometimes I go through it solo).  I want to tell someone about it, but often my kids or wife or whomever have their  own goals for whatever conversations we engage in.  Rather than have an event (they are not all humorous.  Usually, if they are not a little funny, I would not bother writing them down.) fade from my mind after too many sunsets, I will attempt to recreate some facsimile of the activity or event.

As time  elapses, I will often go, “I said that.”  My kids will try and provide the context of when I said “that”, but often I pretend I remember to avoid excessive comments on my brain fade.  As I have lucid moments of ancients events (aka: stuff that happened when my kids were young or before they were born), I may try and recreate the event with some level of accuracy.  In my cases, the older events are closer to historical fiction then true retelling of actual events.  My goal is too be honest, but when you can’t be honest, it is best not to sit at the keyboard stuttering.  If I ever do stutter, I either thought my first draft was perfect and did not correct it OR I was trying to stay on quota.  (I have nearly 100 drafts of blog posts I need to tweak.  I hope the “stuttering stinkers” are a rarity.)



This blog has technically only been in existence since the beginning of 2014.  All blog posting prior to 2014 were part of other blogs.  This is their new home….until it is not.

I have lived in Ohio and Texas.  And, I have traveled a few places between and a few ways west and east.  I maintain a few websites, and I ramble on a few blogs.  When not doing any of those things, I am cooking or firing up the taxi to keep my related life-forms in a state of peace.

I sometimes release a few blog posts in mass.  This is meant, of course, to torture those whose are so easily bothered.  Beyond my desire to inflict pain via email, my editor hat (as poor as the editor hat may be) sometimes only comes out on a weekly or monthly basis.  When it does, the post that were starting to ferment in the “Post” section get the opportunity to fly and be free.  As they fly, they do drop emails in a variety of email boxes.  Please excuse any mess caused–it may be a few days and/or weeks before they are released again.


I also had another blog called “JesusHat”.  Its purpose was to be a blog for Christian only things.  And, I struggled with this.  If I want to say I am a Christian, it should permeate my life and not be a situation where I “carve” out one story so it has a Christian spin and neglect posting something there that doesn’t have a “full” Christian spin.  So, to free my brain up from having to live a “dual” life, I have taken the few post that were there and moved them here.

Why did I come up with the name “JesusHat”?

As I struggle with being the type of Christian I know I need to be, I realize my sin and willful disobedience.  Some days being a Christian can feel like a role that I am horribly inadequate to perform.  Although it may cause my age to show, I remember references to a person wearing many hats.  Some of the hats might be a “parent” hat, a “spouse” hat, and a “friend” hat.  It is my hope that there is ALWAYS room for my Jesus hat–no matter how many other hats I am simultaneously trying to fit on my head.


“A forward path is a good path.”

Not always have I felt the decisions made were going forward.  The “career” began a restart nearly 12 years ago.  (The adventure started in March of 2002) I can go into some detail on my work experiences, but the years of self employment are where there are some more interesting stories.  Some of the stories of the past 12 years, may have to be revisited a couple of times to fully experience the adventure.

My goal is to tell the stories with mostly facts and a bit of self-deprecation when no other form of humor is available.  The adventure includes a couple of different network marketing experiences  (one is still on-going),  a bit of web consulting, and selling on the internet using a variety of shopping carts with a variety of products.

I continue to make mistakes as I seek out the right opportunity for financial gold.  It has been a slow process, but it is my hope that as the blog evolves, we both might figure out how to best become financially independent.  And, maybe someone who reads it will let me know about an opportunity I have missed and they can guarantee it will work for me!


All the pictures on this blog are copyright, and cannot be used without permission and if you wish to use any of my images,  I will probably agree.  I am easy to get along with….just ask my ex-wives. (I have no ex-wives.  This would be a joke)

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