Dear friends and relatives: December 15, 1993

Thanks for once again visiting a Gruenbaum Christmas.  This has been a year of change.  We hope this letter finds all of you in the midst of some positive change as well.  We hope this letter finds your shopping completed and your stomachs full of hot chocolate (warm cider with a cinnamon stick would also be acceptable).  In summary, we hope you have lots of hope!

The year started harmlessly enough.  The first major event was our trip to Arizona.  We stayed and visited with friends.  We also peered over the edge from our cabin at the Grand Canyon.  As with all vacations, it was too short.  We were able to keep track of the day it ended; it was the day the Waco debacle began.  Judy came home to Porter Wright, her law firm.  I came home to a 6 month temporary position at UPS.  Throughout the summeer, I maintained a job search, as did Judy.  We enjoyed our childless household for most of the summer until our status changed in late August.

In August, we personally experienced a foreign exchange student program by hosting a 16 year old girl (going on 2!) from Spain.  She tried our patience and our eating habits.  After several months, our home spewed her out in early October.  Many of the scars have healed, and we have heard that she was sent home to Spain in early December.

In early October, I started a new job at CompUSA.  It is a computer superstore.  I don’t love the fact that it is retail, but I do enjoy the computer knowledge and the discount that I get as an employee.  The chain is growing at an incredible pace.  I have lots of opportunities to advance if I decide that is what I want.  Judy has just accepted an in-house attorney position at Banc One Corporation.  She will be doing employee benefits law and will begin her new position in January.

Over the past year, I have been involved with the Big Brother program.  I worked with two boys before my retail hours forced me to retire so that I could enjoy an occasional meal with Judy.  We both volunteered and helped extensively with the Billy Graham Crusade which came to Columbus in September.  We counseled the people who came forward and enjoyed the entire experience, except the ever impending rain.

This year has been a good year for us, and we are very thankful.  We pray that your lives are full of happiness.  May the peace of Christmas be with you and yours throughout the holidays and the for the coming year.


Andy & Judy Gruenbaum



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