Nearly Urban Legend

These are those stories of my past that are, frankly, old.  The details may be sketchier than I prefer.  The timelines may be off.  The dialogue may be scant, if any, and what is there may not flow so well. These are things about me I want captured but not in the “blog post” world.  I hold them a little closer, so I hide them a little more deeply in the blog structure.  (Google and a persistent searcher make hiding really impossible.  The “security by obscurity” days are well over a decade ago.)

Parts of my past will never make it to these pages.  The ones that do, will be the stories I want captured for posterity.  Those that don’t make the cut, are those better left in the part of my brain reserved for “regret” and “remorse”.  The internet is a great place, but I don’t trust all of you. 😉

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