Technology Prospective

The purpose of this paper is to define subject, scope, completion scheme, and the Board of Directors members’ responsibilities for the Information Business Group Project.


Our group is currently working on development of an Internet Information Center (IIC), Inc. IIC will provide a wide variety of Internet-related and computer-related information to subscribers of our service

IIC will strive to build a mutually beneficial relationships with technical community. We will attempt to introduce a valuable resource as an indistinguishable part of our business – network of technical specialists all over the world. This resource proved to be indispensable in development of tremendous number of products. IIC Experts are the professionals all over the world who had qualified for this title by taking IIC on-line exam in a certain computer-related technology field and who are willing to help us to get information to everyone who needs it.

Currently following business flow is being considered (see Figure 1).

  • An interested party submits a request for information through one of the following channels:
  • World Wide Web Interface provided on a company’s Web page;
  • e-mail;
  • Toll-free telephone or FAX

Expected Major Sources of Income:

bullet Information request fees
bullet User Subscriptions
bullet Advertisement
bullet Knowledge Base Quarterly CD sales & subscriptions

Technologies Applied

Variety of the World Wide Web technologies, including Java, Dynamic HTML, and other “interactive Internet” developments will provide the main medium for the IIC, Inc. business, due to the fact that biggest inflow of the information requests is expected through Company’s Web page and e-mail.

The main company data repository, ” IIC Knowledge Base “- and other back-end data–intensive applications will reside on the company’s own database server. Technologies currently being considered for this purpose are Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and Oracle Database Server 8.0 for Windows NT 4.0 platform.

Front-end applications for customer support and technical staff will be Extranet-based solutions, utilizing three-tiered application architecture.

Board Members Responsibilities

  • Vadim Koganov Back-End Structure Analysis and Development
  • Andrew Gruenbaum Front-End Analysis and Development
  • Laura MeekerCustomer Service & Human resources
  • Daniel Keating Sales & Marketing

Information Collection Approach

Majority of the information on the subject will be collected from available on-line resources including following:

  • InfoWorld Magazine Web site at
  • ZD Net Publishing Web site at
  • Usenet
  • CompuServe

Also, personal interviews with projected groups of future users/customers will be conducted.

Project Completion Plan

Weeks 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9

  • Research Hardware, software, networking and internet connectivity needs;
  • Research staffing needs and needs of customer groups being served;
  • Research advertising costs of on-line and computer-related publications;
  • Make contacts within user community to find accessibility of experts and compensation expectations;

Week 10

  • Organize data, prepare estimates of cash needs and project time until profitability;

Week 11

  • Assemble and compile all information in Business Plan form.

FIGURE 1 – Business Flow



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