Revenge Of The Pink Poodle


Merry Christmas to all! Well, at least it was when I first had the brilliant idea this would make a good post!

I have seen this pink poodle lawn ornament on previous walking trips, but while walking today, it made a special impression.  As my brain noodled on the poodle, I tried to come up with a few theories as to why this creation made it out on their front yard along with the other items that were part of their secular display. (I remember a couple of penguins and related “polar” items.)

A few of my working theories:

  • Somewhat who is not an animal lover lost some sort of bet.
  • The residences of this house are one of only a few people on the planet seeking a lost herd of pink poodles.  This ornament is a constant reminder that there mission is not yet complete!
  • These are the remains of a mummified poodle previously owned by the residences.  Or, maybe the ashes are stored somewhere on the present ornament.  Thus, allowing “Fi-Fi” do live on for many more Christmases!
  • This ornament is a beacon to the space ships bringing the invaders from the planet “Bark”.
  • The dog works days and the pink flamingo works at night.

All of my whining is not really relevant–really it is not.  Where my decorations were a few lights and a loud, “Ho, ho, ho!” whenever the front door was opened, this neighbor chose to make their yard a buffet of animals.  If they find it important to have a yard for unwanted ornaments (picture the Rudolph special where there is an island for unwanted toys), then it would seem rather petty of me to criticize their special purpose.  Were it not for their efforts, their ornaments would have been picked up by a rather large vehicle that makes house calls and picks things up at the curb once or twice a week.

And, deep, deep down, this is the real meaning of Christmas.  We are all attempting to find a purpose, and when we were at our lowest, we were recycled and put in a yard where our King is very proud of us.  (Possibly a little too deep and meandering, but I “think” I got us there.)

Politically Correct Sign?



Even though I REALLY like to talk politics, I believe it is better to focus on what is better for our nation than doing excessive venting. For this reason, the Gruenbaum house is choosing to promote something non-political.  (Whoops!  Forty years ago, this sign would have been much less political than it is now.  In today’s climate, choosing to think differently then some politicians makes you VERY political regardless of how vocal you are.)

Our church offered these signs for pickup after the service.  Besides our house, there are 3 or 4 other houses that also have this sign up in our neighborhood.  (My dad’s excuse for not telling people how he voted or being on the church registry was, “What if the communist get a hold of the list?  What will they do then?”) Besides the few signs out in peoples yards, I am guessing there are a few sympathizers in other homes.  (Living in my part of Texas makes me pretty certain of this.)

Other homes have signs encouraging you to vote “yes” (Are you a Backer?) or “no” on the school bond. (The “yes” signs seem much more popular–I guess a visible “yes” for kids is much better than a visible “no”. )  I have not seen many political signs for candidates in yards.  Off of the main roads, I see a few.  I get the feeling the enthusiasm this year is not there…(The “…” is all of the political things I want to say, but since I have already likely shown my political hand, it probably doesn’t matter.)

Regardless of where this election or this nation go, the sign points us to Whom we need to put our trust in.  The Senate may change hands, or it may not.  The evils of the world may infiltrate our borders and make us feel less safe than we have felt in many years.  Chaos may reign internationally, nationally or on the local level.  But, in your household, commit to a focus on eternal things.  You will be rewarded with a peace that will survive any election process.


The Kind Of Story That Can Make Your Weekend

In a world where a teenager in a nearby town uses affluency as a defense in a drunk driving crash (there are numerous other stories that put teenagers in a bad light), it is good to find a story where teenagers in a town just southeast of me did something good.

Lillian, Anahi, and Naomi


Two girls on the court decided they would make the day of a girl who was pranked if either one of them became the homecoming queen.  There will still be youth in my kids generation that will make me doubt whether the country can survive them.  (We have, however, survived the past 6 years.)  It is acts like what was done by these two young ladies and the school that allow me to keep my fingers crossed!


Peace Is The Presence of Someone

Yesterdays sermon hit the spot!  It was a guest pastor (our regular pastor generally has pretty good sermons, too) who had a message on 2 Thessalonians 3:16, 17:

16 Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.

17 I, Paul, write this greeting in my own hand, which is the distinguishing mark in all my letters. This is how I write.

The pastors full sermon summary was:

“Peace is not the absence of something; it is the presence of someone”

As we have a variety of personal struggles (kids, job, and purpose etc) we think how lucky we are!  We have so many things going the right direction.  A couple in front of us at church yesterday was also touched by the sermon.  There perspective was much different.  They listened to the sermon knowing they have an appointment today with a doctor where they will receive the results of tests.  It is very likely the test will confirm the husband has Alzheimer’s.  Someday that might be my concern, but right now, none of my concerns (I don’t believe) could so rob me of peace.

It is in these extreme circumstance where true peace can be assessed.  I pray I could have peace, but an inward glance, gives me serious concerns.  You pray your life experiences leading up to this type of diagnosis will allow you to trust in the One who died so you can spend eternity with him.  I pray for this sweet couple.  And, I pray for all who wonder (or wander) about.  May the storms of life become just slightly cloudy days when filtered through the eternal perspective you give us.  May we want You so badly that the physical, emotional, and tangible things of this world will seem like background noise.  May our “peace” bank account be so full that the withdrawals of “normal” life are barely noticeable.  And, may the big things be able to rely on a peace account that is backed up by your infinite credit card.  May you be my source and the source of the sweet couple we met in church for peace.  You go before us, and nothing can surprise you.  May they/me/all-of-us commit ourselves to trusting you and you alone for our earthly and eternal satisfaction. Amen