Delta-H Recommendations

Business Strategy Recommendations for

Delta-H Systems Inc.


Introducing Delta-H Systems, Inc.

  • Richard B. Conway, President

  • Services/Products

    • Heating Processing Equipment & Technical Services
    • Electronics Division (Data Design)
    • Diagnostic Device (FIST)
    • Consulting Services
    • Hire General Manager/Sales Manager
  • Business Strategy Recommendations

    • Service Package Enhancements

      • Basic Preventative Maintenance
      • Basic Preventative Maintenance and FIST Access
      • Basic Preventive Maintenance and full FIST Access
    • Free Consultations

    • Organizational Changes

      • Manages “business” aspects
      • Marketing and Advertising
      • Enables Richard to spend time
      • training, consulting, generating business
      • Organizes Sales Efforts
    • Data Design Enhancements
      • License FIST
      • Valve Control Technology Alliance
    • Expand Delta-H Consulting
      • Energy Market Relationship
        • Improve operating efficiency


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