Merry Gruenbaum Christmas 2014!

Merry Christmas from the always diverse and girl-saturated Gruenbaum family! Another busy year has passed with surprising blessings and eye-opening experiences!

With the exception of Jeff’s high school graduation and heading to Oklahoma Christian as a freshman, the biggest change to the household has been the addition of our exchange students. Dawn (not her real Chinese name) and Jenny (not her real Korean name) have been cooking, crafting, studying and observing life in Texas. Since they both love eating, we are almost always happy to sit around the table together and share our day and culture comparisons. We plan on taking the whole clan (yes, 8 people in a mini-van) to Disney after Christmas where we plan on making friends with many as we wait in the glorious lines. 😉 The girls will both be here until the end of the school year.

Abby and Rachel continue to grow into fantastic young ladies! They have enjoyed the extra female voters now present in the house. Both girls continue to participate in cross country. (Bethesda girls were 3rd in the state cross country this year; the boys team was 1st.) Rachel also does band (regional band), basketball, robotics and softball. Abby is doing well in her first year of high school. She will run track in the Spring and participates in runner’s club in the off season. She tries to sew as often as possible. She loves making gifts for family members or to sell at the school enterprise week. Both girls have been trying to make us healthier in the kitchen.

As mentioned earlier, Jeff is at Oklahoma Christian majoring in Bible and possibly Communications. He is enjoying his new experiences. Although he is doing a great job as a student, “getting driver’s license” is a yet unfulfilled New Year’s resolution for another year. Tim is a sophomore at UTA and is commuting from home this year. He continues to work through the many classes that are part of being a chemistry major. Both boys enjoyed a few months at Chik-Fil-A over the summer, and Tim continues as closing manager a couple of nights per week. (Not Sunday! Yeah!) Although he won’t admit it, his FAVORITE job at work is dressing up as the cow.

Judy has completed 21 years at Chase. Although she would rather join Abby doing crafts most days of the week, she hopes she can keep herself there another 5 years. Andy is still “doing” signs, but it looks like sign rentals are the future….at least that is what his business cards say. He enjoys reading, cooking and walking — usually not at the same time. This was the year Judy and Andy turned 50. Judy got a nice Caribbean cruise. Andy is still waiting for his celebration. (Maybe he will celebrate before his 51st.)

We are so grateful for our friends and family. We hope your busy lives will slow enough to celebrate the true reason for the season. May God richly bless you in the coming year and show you how your life can be enriched if you will seek Him daily. May we all turn our eyes upward and be humbled by the birth and sacrifice that took place so many years ago.

Merry Christmas from the Gruenbaums

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