Half Baked Ideas

This is the place I “shove” things that I like, but I don’t see capable of putting enough meat into the post to make it bloggable in the ordinary sense.  I put things here that may have been catchy phrases or thoughts I had.  My goal was to convert them into something with a “happy” ending or develop something ending with a strong “family” friendly observation.  After they cooked long enough (some of them fried, baked, and microwaved), I still could not make it into anything that was valuable at any real level beyond the original thought.

So, with all that being said, this is really the graveyard of ideas.  They were only worth a tombstone and brief epitaph.  There was no real grave or not a casket.  They, however, may become reincarnated should I have an experience or thought that brings additional life into their bodies presently surviving in suspended animation.

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